klippy enhances R Markdown HTML documents with “copy to clipboard” buttons as shown below:


klippy is not available from CRAN, but you can install the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("remotes")


As an intensive reader of R Markdown books and documents (thanks to knitr), I selected on my screen dozens of R code blocks then press Ctrl+C
This package is a very small, but I hope helpful add-in for R Markdown to improve the reader experience.


Add the following chunk anywhere in your Rmd file:

```{r klippy, echo=FALSE, include=TRUE}

Browser Support

The klippy package uses clipboard.js. Tooltips are rendered with Primer Tooltips.
Glue code is in Vanilla JS. For supported browsers, see clipboard.js documentation.

Bugs/Feature requests

If you have any, let me know. Thanks!