klippy (unreleased)


  • klippy tooltip messages can be customized. New default message.

  • klippy color can be customized (#13).

  • klippy position can be modified (#10).


klippy (pre-release)

  • klippies are colored

klippy (pre-release)

  • tooltips are rendered with Primer Tooltips instead of Bootstrap Tooltips (removes Bootstrap dependency).

  • javascript code of klippy written in Vanilla JS (removes jQuery dependency).

  • creates klippy_dependencies function.

klippy (pre-release)

  • klippies are auto-sized. Argument size is removed.

  • klippy icon is changed: octicons’ clippy.svg is used instead of glyphicon.

  • Remove the distribution of jQuery and Bootstrap: calls to rmarkdown::html_dependency_* are preferred.

klippy (pre-release)

  • klippy moved to upper left corners of code blocks (thx @ Elin Waring for the suggestion)

  • Add a size argument to klippy()

  • Documentation provides a more comprehensive example

klippy (pre-release)

  • Initial release. See README.md, vignette and documentation.